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Insightful and most relevant to the current market scenario.
If you're hiring sales people, this book is for you. Whether you're completely clueless or a seasoned veteran when it comes to sales, this book has everything you need and is filled with actionable advice for anyone building a sales team. Steli is my go-to guy when it comes to sales advice, and I highly recommend this book.
@_jacksmith Thanks for posting this, Jack! If anyone reading this has a question about sales, please post it here in the comments and you'll get an answer by @steli today :)
Love it - Sales advice from Steli is always a must read!
Great to see this playbook out @steli + @ramin ! I thought the sales pod model was super interesting. I've seen that cross-functional setup be applied to product / engineering teams and it's nice to it applied here to make sales customer-centric. I'm curious about how sales teams approach selling SaaS products when there's a free signup available to the prospect. That seems to complicate the assembly line approach and yet be the situation for a very small sales team.
@lethargarian @ramin great question :) Free trials aren't a big issue as long as they are short (14 days / 30 days max). Different story if you have a 60 or 90 day free trial or even a good free version of the product. In that case you need to look at them as MQL (marketing qualified leads) and not necessarily SQLs (Sales qualified or sales ready leads). You would probably have a bunch more signals in place to push a free user into the sales pipeline. That assume that you have enough volume though. If you have little volume AND a free version or super long free trial you would probably focus on improving / optimizing marketing more then sales :)
Thanks @steli Makes a lot of sense. Don't see this angle β€” how MQLs & product usage affect or interact with the sales process β€” discussed much (maybe I'm not looking in the right places!) so super interesting to get your take. Thanks!
Hi @Steli, thank you for the guide. Any chance to have it in epub or mobi formats? Anyway, thanks again. :)
@ssjunior @steli We don't currently have one, but we'll work on that :) If you signed up, you'll get an email once it's available.