The Riveter

Female-forward coworking

The Riveter is coworking & community, built by women for all, providing support, events, & education at 5 locations (Seattle & LA). Welcome to the future of work.

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There increasing competition in the coworking space as freelance and remote working is on the rise. Similarly female-focused startup, The Wing, just opened up in SF. Curious how these spaces ultimately compete with one another and if these plays ultimately push each others margins down.
So, I saw the word female in the description and my first thought was that this was a female only coworking space. Then I saw it’s actually open to all people, which is good, but begs the question: why even mention the whole “female forward” (whatever that means) and “female centric” thing? In all honesty and without meaning to be negative, it sounds like you’re just trying to get extra press attention.
@anna_0x As a (former) male member of the Riveter in Seattle, I really don't believe the "female forward" label was designed to get press attention. They needed to distinguish themselves from the many other co-working spaces available, and they did so by reaching out to an underserved market. I spoke with many women at Riveter who didn't feel welcome at other spaces because of the culture there. The best co-working spaces focus on building communities, and the community that the Riveter is building is definitely centered around the needs of professional women, especially female entrepreneurs.
@compurbanist alright, that doesn't sound bad but may I ask out of curiosity, what sort of different needs female entrepreneurs have in comparison to male entrepreneurs?
@anna_0x I don't want to speak on the behalf of a group I'm not a part of, but I will say that a sense of community is one need that is really important for everyone, and places like Riveter and The Wing attract more female members.
@compurbanist alright, please don’t this as a personal attack or something but you said that “the community that the Riveter is building is DEFINITELY centered around the needs of professional women”, but the only need you mentioned is a universal one, as you said; the need for a sense of community. Now I agree that pretty much everybody likes to be part of group sometimes, but I really don’t think these groups should be based on physical characteristics, but rather on interests. Female people have as much in common with each other as black people, blue-eyed people, blond people etc do.
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