The Remote Sales Survival Guide

The no bullsh!t guide to selling in a time of adversity

A free collection of resources to help you not just survive, but thrive as a remote sales team during this time of uncertainty. Get tips on how to sell during a crisis, how to lead a remote team effectively and tools and apps to use.
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We've run a remote sales team for the past 6 years, and helped thousands of teams either make the switch to remote, or take their remote sales org to the next level. What you see here is really a version 0.1, an MVP. I've gotten A TON of questions about remote sales and how to sell during this crisis we're all facing. We're going to build this out further over the coming weeks, so please DO SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS, and the challenges you're up against in these times - We're building this for sales professionals like you. My team and I are striving to make it as relevant as possible for the specific problems you're dealing with right now. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I hear from many reps that they're somewhat reluctant about reaching out to, and following up with prospects. DON'T. Yeah, you shouldn't just do things the way you always do them and pretend nothing is happening. Everyone's affected by this. Understand where your prospect's mind is at, meet them there, and bring them to a more productive place. I'm presuming that what you sell actually provides value. Now is the time to step up your game. If what you offer helps your customers achieve their desired outcomes better, then it's your responsibility to help them recognize that. And your own team relies on you as well: As a sales person, you impact revenue and cashflow. You keep the lights on, and make sure that the company is able to pay salaries to you and your coworkers. Yes, things are harder now. Know what this means for us as sales people? We got go get better. For us, for our coworkers, and for those who buy from us <3
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This guide is for you if you're new to selling from home, under new constraints in your home environment or trying to brush up on you sales skills. Steli does what he does best. Teaching us how to sell.
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This is good stuff. Really happy to see experts come to the rescue of the millions (literally) of new remote workers coming online each day.
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Great resource. I have added to my curated list of remot work resources:
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Much needed in a time like this. Thanks Steli and Danny!
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