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The Rapture Startup Framework is for creating landing pages and simple websites. It is useful for designers (both Sketch and Photoshop users) and coders. It is easy to use and provides clean HTML5. There are 170 cards that you can mix like lego bricks. And there are 20 ready-to use landings, for those who are in a hurry.
@kwdinc I like it's complex. Most of the startup frameworks contain only Sketch/PSD files. This one contains also the HTML5 coded version. That brings much more value.
@kwdinc Thank you so much for featuring!
@shepovalovdenis looks great.. just fyi Made is spelled "maid" throughout
Awesome! I like it, very useful 😸
Good product at a great PH price thanks!
@androidlove Thanks for your appreciation!
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@hussein_shtia hey! Thanks for your kind words! Please send all the information to my teammate polina@getcraftwork.com Thanks!