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📚Never look like a Product noob again with this comprehensive guide to the most common — and not so common — words, phrases, and terminology used in the Product sphere.
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Hunters, Hunters, Hunters… We’ve got a question for you: Have you ever encountered a word or a phrase that floats around the product sphere but you have absolutely no idea what it means? If yes, don’t worry, because you’re (definitely) not alone. For those of you who have been frustrated by the jargon of your colleagues, we came up with something specifically for you... 📕The Product Glossary 📕 From Kano to MoSCoW, The Product Glossary contains the most comprehensive definitions on vocabulary that you will encounter while working in the Product world. Now you can rest easy knowing that if you’re presented with a question about FDD, JTBD, or the GTM, you will be ready to fire back with an insightful answer that will have everyone respecting your unlimited Product knowledge (OK, maybe not unlimited… but you get the picture). Have some terms that you think need to be featured in The Product Glossary? No problem! You can submit your terms and definitions, and help us grow the ever-expanding Product diction. So grab your Product Glossary, get in the conference room, and wow your colleagues by dropping some of your newly acquired Product rhetoric. Thanks for your love 💙
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