The Podcast Number

Podcast recommendations sent by humans

Weekly podcast recommendations delivered via SMS text message.
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After having friends ask/text me looking for podcast recommendations - evidently just by working in the podcasting industry ( you become the go to for such questions - I thought it would be nifty to launch a podcast discovery "hotline" to help others discover new podcast. Credit where credit is due, I was inspired by @shannnonb' s A Song A Day
@baileydrake haha this is rad! thank you for the shout out! I'm glad that ASAD's legacy (RIP) can live out in any capacity. congrats on the launch, Bailey!
I like the simplicity - I think Craigslist and Product Hunt started in a similar way but with emails. If you want to eventually turn it into a more complex product, you'll learn very quickly this way. Was there a reason for choosing texting over email? It can be more expensive from my experiences with Twilio, but open rates are higher... right?
@mattkandler Thanks! Texting and podcast listening are both largely done through your phone so the thinking is there will be less friction between receiving the recommendation and actually listening to it. Plus, we wanted it to feel like you were getting a rec from a friend not a robot bc at the end of the day it is a human on the other side.