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There are at least two sides to every story

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Daniel Ravner
@daniel_ravner · Founder of The Perspective
Hello PH community, Very happy to be here presenting The Perspective to you The Perspective is a website designed to open your mind by showing you what you‘re missing due to Filter bubbles, a fragmented media landscape, fake news etc. It emanated from my frustration, looking on as the world is going sideways and wanting to do something about it. It occur… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
There are so many publications and places to get news. This feels fresh, delivering the news in a unique way. @daniel_ravner: Are you writing all the content? How do you balance opposing viewpoints, especially when you might feel strongly one way yourself?
Gilad Nass
@giladn · Director of Marketing and Content
In the era of Fake News, we need platforms which enable us to conduct discussions based on evidence, or at least get the context in which the discussion is conducted. I think The Perspective is a great step in that direction. Great job, Daniel.
Tomer Harry
@tomerharry · Emu co-founder
Great concept and the site looks great! Which domain has the most traffic? My guess will be politics?
Sagee Ben-Zedeff
@sageeb · Founder and CEO, Catch App Ltd.
Congrats, Daniel! I’ve been thinking about a similar idea for a long time. I wonder - how do you make sure the perspectives on the website are balanced. It’s people writing them, no?