The Perspective is a website designed to open minds by showing readers what they’re missing due to echo chambers and filter bubbles. It displays two sides of current events, historic and classic debates, employing design and psychology to make it easier to consider ideas that are different from their own.

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Hello PH community, Very happy to be here presenting The Perspective to you The Perspective is a website designed to open your mind by showing you what you‘re missing due to Filter bubbles, a fragmented media landscape, fake news etc. It emanated from my frustration, looking on as the world is going sideways and wanting to do something about it. It occurred to me that the web, despite promising to broaden our horizons, is actually narrowing it. We get exposed to people who are just like us on Facebook, and we get our news from sources that agree with us in the first place. The whole drive for personalization (not an evil cause in itself) is insulating us, dividing us, and polarizing us. Just look at the Brexit discourse, the US election discourse, and the coming French election…This phenomenon is full on and in full swing everywhere. The site will touch on current events and classic debates, and expose readers to content they might not otherwise see. Our features employ psychology and design to enable users to consider contradicting views that might otherwise feel threatening Trending Perspectives – We scour the web to find worthwhile contradictory content on daily hot topics which we display side by side. Users can read, vote, comment and play. Essentials – Original articles, presenting two sides of a classic debate, but researched and written in a way that appeals to the values of those who might be opposed to it. The Perspective Challenge – A gamified platform where you get to influence someone you know and “pay” by allowing your own point of view be influenced by them. The proof is in the pudding so please visit The Perspective, I’m excited to see what the Product Hunt community thinks! If you have any questions, I’m around, and if you want to send me privately, It’s Daniel AT theperspctive DOT com Here’s Hoping!
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@daniel_ravner This is great. Launching something with a similar thought process. Maybe we should connect sometime :)
@nitprashant with pleasure. write to me : daniel AT theperspctive DOT com
@daniel_ravner Perfect, will do and all the best with this. PH rocks (Y)
@daniel_ravner Really cool. I've been wishing for something like this.
@galka_max Thank you. We'll do our best to live up to the promise
There are so many publications and places to get news. This feels fresh, delivering the news in a unique way. @daniel_ravner: Are you writing all the content? How do you balance opposing viewpoints, especially when you might feel strongly one way yourself?
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@rrhoover Looking at some of the stories options, it looks like they're providing content from other sources too (including writing their own which I believe they are doing). @daniel_ravner Are you guys manually picking topics and finding articles for both sides of a given topic or is there a bit of an algorithmic approach to this?
@rrhoover First of all thanks for the kind words. In response to your question, we have a team of writers writing the content, each with his/hers field of expertise. Re the subjectivity, that’s really the brand’s promise so we have to live up to it. The way we do it is through content formats. All of our features are structured to be balanced, so as long as we focus on fulfilling the format, we make good on our word. Plus, I’m lucky to have great researchers and writers so the content editing is really focused on that aspect….BTW, we don’t set out to say anything objective in any given paragraph, on the contrary, we try our best to be subjective, but we make sure that for every Yin, there’s a Yang. Also, what shapes our arguments (especially in the Essentials) is that we try not to focus on the strongest arguments, but on the ones that have the best chance of getting through to someone with an opposing view.
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@michaelcjoseph @rrhoover It's all hand made. That's how we assure the time you're investing is worth your while. The Trending Perspectives are aggregated, and the essentials are researched and written internally.
@rrhoover @daniel_ravner Second startup this week to grab my idea. Mine: (Done 1 year ago, posted on product hunt but not accepted... why?? ) Theirs: Layout and manifesto look interestingly similar. Is it just a coincidence?
@rrhoover @daniel_ravner A bit of credit or an email before plagiarizing it would have been nice...
In the era of Fake News, we need platforms which enable us to conduct discussions based on evidence, or at least get the context in which the discussion is conducted. I think The Perspective is a great step in that direction. Great job, Daniel.
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@giladn Thanks for the kind words
Great concept and the site looks great! Which domain has the most traffic? My guess will be politics?
@tomerharry Thanks...Politics indeed has the most traffic (in the two weeks since we launched) However, the 2nd most visited is the Living category (which is more surprising, I guess)
Congrats, Daniel! I’ve been thinking about a similar idea for a long time. I wonder - how do you make sure the perspectives on the website are balanced. It’s people writing them, no?
@sageeb response to your question, all of the features that we have (and the ones that will be launched in June) are based in content Formats. They follow a structure which guides the writing, so, as long as we adhere to the formats, we are balanced
@sageeb On the concept level BTW, one of our main working assumptions is that the only way to create a truly objective piece of content is by bringing two equally subjective points of view to the same place
@daniel_ravner sounds intriguing. and definitely something that is lacking on most content websites.