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Never lose anything again



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James Wahba
James Wahba@jameswahba · CEO, @Projectivenyc
Looks great. I want one in Black. What are the main differences between The O and Tile?
Christian T. Zeiler
Christian T. ZeilerMaker@polyzeiler · Founder, THE O
@jameswahba We think Tile is a great product. I have been using it myself to see what it does. Tile call themselves the world's biggest lost and found. Once they have managed to extend their network of users it will be a great crowd-GPS system. What we had in mind, was much more like a second brain for you. Something that quietly runs in the background and tells you immediately when something is going wrong. Also, the Tile design is quite minimal which I like, but we felt it could be improved in terms of blending into your daily life when you use it for other things than your keys.
Emmanuel Darmon
Emmanuel Darmon@emmanueldarmon · Product Manager & UX/UI Designer
Love the design/branding of the 0, this is very cute and could be so useful. Btw, 0:18 kick starter video we see a lady forgetting her smartphone.. well... this is her smartphone... how is she supposed to be notified now? :(
Christian T. Zeiler
Christian T. ZeilerMaker@polyzeiler · Founder, THE O
@emmanueldarmon Thanks a lot for the comment on branding! Ha! well spotted with the phone... Yes, she should take that one with her :)
Christian T. Zeiler
Christian T. ZeilerMaker@polyzeiler · Founder, THE O
Hi all! So happy to join this great community! Big fan of ProductHunt! We are at the start of day 2 in NYC and our Kickstarter is approaching 50% of our funding goal. Exciting! Would love to share some insights into our philosophy and thinking behind it. As for the app, we chose kind of a watch-first approach: - an app that you never need to open - that only appears when there is something important - 99% of the interactions is just clicking one button, out of 2 options For the design, we wanted to optimize it for a broad variety of objects to attach to: - a flat bottom with adhesives for any flat surfaces (laptops, camera lids, chargers) - smooth edges so it nicely slips it into something like a wallet - water resistant (IPX6) for outdoors - fine grooves to sew it onto fabrics (as in... ""wearable"" ;-) ) - a nice accessory for keys, bags, briefcases that even the most fashion-conscious people don't mind (and actually like) and that also looks good in a suit-and-tie office setting - a minimalist version of the accessory for the more practical and sporty folks But enough! Very happy to answer questions here. And gather your ideas for further improvement. Christian
Hal Gottfried
Hal Gottfried@hgottfried · Founder, Level Up Labs
I'm trying something similar (Chipolo) via SproutUP and @taoni, I'm curious how yours compares.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
I definitely need to get my hands on a lot of these...but then what if I lose them?!
Christian T. Zeiler
Christian T. ZeilerMaker@polyzeiler · Founder, THE O
@bentossell impossible! ;-)