The Noonies

Tech Industry Awards by Hacker Noon

Welcome to Hackernoon's First Annual Noonies - where everything's democratic and your votes are the only things that matter. Built to pay digital tribute to the noteworthy peoples and products and of the internets, and to build some hype for Hackernoon 2.0.
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Hello there πŸ‘‹ There's not much more to say on the app, so I'll just describe about the stack here. React, Apollo, Next.js, GraphQL, Prisma, Heroku, Yoga, or... RANGPHY! Needs a better acronym. And no, there's no ad tracking. Calm down. We're just keeping a tally of your votes.
big fan of what David does. been contributing and reading regularly
@ourielohayon Thanks Ouriel! Appreciate publishing your crypto insights
@ourielohayon , Indeed, the way HackerNoon has carried itself is remarkable and inspirational too.
***Tonight is the Noonies, the annual tech awards here at Hacker Noon. And this is everybody's favorite day. Everybody looks forward to it, because, you know, a lot of the people here don't get trophies, very often*** It's like Dundies. But for tech awards. Hacker Noon hasn't done awards before and I thought it was a good time to say, why not? Anything that is inspired by The Office is worth making. You can nominate people on each award for another week, and editors will consider adding. Checking daily. Anyone can vote once on each award. Voting will last one month. Some of my favorite awards are: * The World's Most Productive Remote Team: "Free-range humans for the win." * Crypto-Name Drop of the Year: "When someone mainstream discovers cryptocurrencies and starts fawning over it" * Best Developer on Twitter. "K.I.S.S. sources for outrage and cutting-edge release announcements." Was great to built this microsite with @stormfarrell, @kientdao, & @itsnatashanel. I think Storm's experience building voting apps, Kien's pixelated design and Natasha's sense of humor shine through. It's a fun way to vote on tech. Would be great to learn from you all how we could make a better experience. Thanks for taking a minute to check out The Noonies. πŸ—³οΈβž‘οΈ
@stormfarrell @itsnatashanel @davidsmooke can we also have a voting website for features for Hackernoon2.0?
@stormfarrell @itsnatashanel @arthur_tkachenko that would be really cool. Was looking at the other day for something like this.
@stormfarrell @itsnatashanel @davidsmooke we discussed a voting system at "features thread" while ago
This is BRILLIANT! I love the name - the Smooke family is creating one of the most vibrant and LOVING tech communities on the internet. What I love about is that our community bridges Silicon Valley and crypto - I can seriously think of no other community that accomplishes this feat! Also in terms of tech, the Noonies voting platform seemed quite slick! I'm very excited about the move away from Medium and everything the future holds for Hacker Noon!
(ps I think this should be the theme song of the Noonies: ) - Luniz + Noonies!
@mahbod_moghadam haha maybe we should autoplay it like myspace in the old days?