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Publishing platform, reinvented, open source w/ new Mac app

#2 Product of the WeekNovember 23, 2015
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The most exciting thing about this new framework is we'll be able to iterate on the interface much faster going forward, so if you have any suggestions or ideas for how you'd like to interact with your WordPress sites please let me know. Also the real-time updates are the coolest thing ever. :)
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@photomatt surprised this only has 240 upvotes. This should be at like 5000.
@photomatt Congrats on the new version from the XPRS team - a better wordpress :)
@photomatt Did you end up using Go-lang?
@datarade I think because it's an update to and not Wordpress itself. @photomatt For those not familiar, what is the distinction between the two and what upcoming changes is this likely to herald to Wordpress itself?
@photomatt Sounds great! Keep up the good work :)
Just when was starting to look like the modern version of Wordpress, Matt and Automattic reminds you of why they power 25% of the internet. Keep being awesome!
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@ianthekid You keep being awesome, Ian! Yeah!
@ianthekid I'm not too sure @Medium and @WordPress share anything as far as the UX and UI are concerned. WordPress strives to be more like Medium in that sense, not the other way around. It's why WordPress has dedicated so many resources in building and hyping Gutenberg.
so is the project also moving away from php to node.js as well?
@_jacksmith The core of WordPress is still in PHP, this is a new client.
@photomatt - if I understand correctly, the desktop app can be used for sites as well? But you need to install JetPack and therefore I assume have a account? Also will the tabbed editor (without requiring a page refresh) be coming to
@alangarrec You are correct, self hosted sites that have an active Jetpack plugin can be accessed via the desktop app. Activating the Jetpack plugin requires a account, so you assume correctly :) I believe the editor you're referring to is currently available for Jetpack-connected sites via the interface, and also through the new desktop app.
@saouderkirk Thanks Simon. This is a really big update, and the desktop app alone will save so much time. I'm looking forward to testing this out 😊
@alangarrec You're right, it is big! Thanks for the kind words!
So awesome to see this @photomatt - would love to know what updates you have been working on here :) How can the Product Hunt community help? You can see their video here: