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Every day we get 100s of requests to make IFTTT do more, multiple actions, conditionals, etc. We've always believed that we could make something more powerful AND easier to use. Applets allow a broader audience to turn on new experiences for any of the services they use. They also allow those ready for something more powerful than a just a recipe to access those tools via our Partner Platform and bring what they've built back to that broader audience on IFTTT. If you are ready to take the plunge and build Applets beyond if this then that, check out our Partner Platform: We are incredibly proud of Applets and the new IFTTT. We hope you enjoy! Would love to hear your feedback and will iterate and improve ASAP. Applets are just the beginning of an entirely new stage for our company. We believe that everyone deserves the confidence to control their world and that the services we use should work together!
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@ltibbets Hi again from Waterloo, met you through Nabil when you were here! Thanks for moving towards multiple actions from a trigger, it's a godsend as my condo becomes a mishmash of multiple smart bulb manufacturers' products. With the assistant channel I was having to say "turn on my lights" followed by :turn on my other lights" whenever I came home.
@thatmattgardner hello Matt! Good to hear you dig it. We will be following up with even more soon. which different set of lights do you have?
@ltibbets Wemo wall switches, Hue overhead, and some Wemo plugs into lights. I think when you and Nabil came over the lights switched off because I'd messed up the recipe with my August lock :p My ideal combo would probably have me coming home turn on my wemo and hue lights, set my thermostat, turn on a tv, and cast something or play music (I know cast isn't playing ball yet, but a man can dream).
@ltibbets So happy to see you are recycling the term "Applet". It's time to make Applets cool again πŸ€“. Looks awesome BTW.
@mbrevoort Make Applets Cool Again! :)
My first impression is negative: it feels like there is now less information on the screen at a time and it is harder to read recipes/applets due to the increased line breaks. It looks like usability was sacrificed for a pretty interface. I find the menu UI pattern confusing, the current page looks deactivated. I can't figure out how to turn on new services/discover available services. I can't figure out how to create a new applet. I love IFTTT but this feels like a major step back.
@theleovogel thank you for the feedback! especially on the web we are working to fix some of these issues and make things much easier to navigate!
@theleovogel I feel the same way in a lot of ways. @ltibbets, where would be the best place to give some detailed feedback on the UX?
@xtoq @ltibbets Smokie, please email me your detailed feedback as well: - I'd like to see what your ideas are.
@theleovogel @xtoq @leovogel happy to hear both of your feedback, much appreciated! Could you email me at my first name at ?
@ltibbets I can and will totally do that! Big project due the next 2-3 days, so it might not be until the weekend. Do I need to put anything special in the subject line to avoid the spam folder? @theleovogel @leovogel I can share with you as well, but after I share it with Linden. I hate being that complainer that doesn't give feedback to the source first!
It's likely never been a better time for a service like IFTTT as tech is increasingly connected, from fridges to cars. What emerging platform are you most excited about, @ltibbets? I'm particularly interested in how audio interfaces with people and things, through Airpods, Alexa, Google Home, etc.
@rrhoover Thanks! Alexa, Google Home and Airpods (which i think are distinctly under hyped) are big new platforms at the very beginning of their lifecycles. Whats going to be fun is that LOTS of products are going to be using voice and the big question is are they all just going to be one platform or can multiple or perhaps even many voice platforms be supported at once. Would love to see a future where you weren't stuck with just one platform, but could unlock all of the data/capabilities attached to every service you use with ANY platform, voice or not. Also, two products I can't wait to try out right now: Loop and 01
Id love to see these recipes be available to work with Facebook Messenger... so I could have my personal bot assistant message me things based on recipes. I think that would be super useful!
@bentossell thanks Ben! FB Messenger and bots would be an awesome way to use IFTTT Applets. Hopefully will have good news about this in the future!
@ltibbets @bentossell This is really awesome. We're also planning to experiment with IFTTT for our helpdesk platform which is along the same lines of assisting facilitate better conversations between customers and businesses through recipes!
@davidsfeng awesome to hear it, let me know if I can help get things going faster for your team!
Awesome work. I use IFTTT for different workflows. It is a really powerful platform and saves me a lot of time! Crazy to see all the new Applets! Would like to know how do you handle security issues?
@toomaime thank you and awesome to hear you are saving good time with IFTTT. We of course take security very seriously: encrypting important information in transit and at rest, we also work hard on the people side with the right processes and policies.