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Headspace is on a mission to improve the health and happiness of the world. And with millions of users in more than 190 countries, they are well on our way. Try the new Headspace app.

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Project Strategist @ Big Nerd Ranch

For those of you who want to become their best selves, Headspace is a fantastic intro to the world of meditation. Andy is a great guide and I've improved so much at work and home thanks to being more mindful throughout my day. Would highly recommend for people who want to live 'optimally'.

If you're the kind of person who needs more extrinsic motivation, this may not be for you as the 'hook' to continue daily meditation is more nuanced and self-actualized.


Approachable and effective introduction to mindfulness and meditation.


Intrinsic motivation requires lots of self-discipline.

any links to independent evidence that any of this is highly effective? or just lotta hype and placebos?
Co-founder Gather Conversations

What an incredible company using the powers of technology to harness the best of humanity - our ability to be still, calm, spacious and aware.


Time Well Spent!


Can become a crutch.

Making Products

I only went in for a quick 5 minutes session and I found it very soothing, so much that I nearly slept in the middle of the day. The voice over is very strong and in some ways better than Simple Habit. It does also have a great selection of content and as you might have guessed is getting into my shortlist.

More info here:


Very easy to use, great selection of content & a very soothing yet strong voice.


Haven't got any yet.

CEO, Homads

I don't mind paying each month because this is one of the best ways for me to find balance in my life.


They give you daily reminders or nudges to practice daily.


Since they charge monthly I almost get stressed when I don't use their app.

Great app - but expensive with horrible customer service Used the app for over two years - in the middle of my renewed subscription ($100 annual) when the app stated that I didn't have a valid subscription. Two weeks of emails and requests with no response. The company has no phone support and doesn't answer emails There are other apps that do the same thing for less money or free
Thanks for creating it. Works very well.
Digital Health | UX Consultant
Great example of using behaviour change techniques in the UI of health apps. The app prompts the user to associate new meditation habit with an existing habit (e.g. brushing teeth in the morning), making sure it works with their existing routine.