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So I feel like someone should ask the obvious question: TMDb vs. IMDb, why? What? How?
@thetylerhayes Hey Tyler, well I like to think we serve different purposes. TMDb is very community and user oriented with a strong focus on pure content discovery. We encourage everyone to help out. We also have one of the world's best selection of both movie and TV images. One of the biggest differences of all though is the fact that we encourage everyone to use our data and build cool apps with it. This brings our idea full circle as we build the db ourselves. I often refer to TMDb as a very movie focused version of Wikipedia.
@themoviedb Cool. Dev-focused IMDb.
Thanks for the vote Jack!
This service is excellent, it was the clear choice for providing movie data to http://plotapp.io when we built it!
@themoviedb Do you gather/provide rating data from different sources as well?
@ugurkaner We don't right now. We've discussed bringing in Metacritic but that's probably the most we'll ever have.
Ah, isn't themoviedb.org a fork of omdb.org's data and code?
@jannis Hi Jannis, while it's true the original codebase and first 10,000 movies were from omdb.org, we re-wrote the app back in 2009. We haven't used any code from that project since. We're now up to 206,000 movies which have been solely contributed by our users, on TMDb.