The Mother-In-Law Card Collection, By Felt

Hilarious Mother-In-Law cards you can send from your iPhone

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We made the collection to celebrate the unique relationship with Mother-In-Laws. A special and sometimes awkward one. We hope you enjoy the cards. You can download Felt on your iPhone or iPad and actually send these in the mail. The real mail. Some fun results from our campaign: We ran two ads for the I've Seen Your Son Naked card. One on facebook and one on Instagram. Both targeted at women 18 - 54. Instagram ad - over 19,000 likes - over 2,000 comments - cost per engagement $0.02 - Facebook - over 40,000 people clicked through to the site - we're attributing more than 500 app downloads - cost per click $0.04 and still falling. - CTR 10% on facebook The site we put up had over 3,000 shares:
Haha, what a great idea.
@mythoughtz1 Glad you like it!
These remind me of a company called Scribbler who do very blunt/naughty cards ha
@bentossell They're nothing like us. Can I down vote your comment? haha j/k, kinda
@tomerlikehomer was that a joke? ... don't get it. Was just saying that the content reminds me of cards I've bought from Scribbler.
Make something for the Father-In-Law as well? Haha. :P
@palakzatakia maybe for Father's Day (June 20th). We'll see what we have up our sleeve.