The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts
Don't stop typing, or all progress will be lost.

About The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts
Hey there! Dhaval and I acquired The Most Dangerous Writing App and upgraded it with 500+ prompts generator along with options to export your work in doc, PDF, DOCX, and more.
As a result, we renamed it to The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts :)

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David Berkowitz
Reviewed this product

This is a site that benefits the most from being streamlined. I hope they don't go feature crazy here.

3yr ago
Sohail Khan
Recommended this product

Though I had fun using it , the title "The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts" is a bit too hard as you can just extend your deadline by pressing anykey or spacebar only.

3yr ago
Brian Barts
Does not recommend this product

"Some of these services may record sessions and make them available for later visual playback." = hard pass. *** edit: You say in this comment below that there's no session recording, and yet your own privacy policy specifically states that there may be. So, which is it? And why have that legal language if it's not something you do? Sorry, but there's a LOT of abuse of people's privacy these days and you surely understand why users putting their personal writing into a website would be concerned, right? ***

3yr ago