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Write & Publish Your Book in 30 Days. Store all your ideas without ever losing them, then filter by tags. Store all your chapters, scenes, and notes safely. Then, drag and drop them into the right place.
Dominic de Souza
Cee Castillo
Enna Smith
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    It runs counter to the writing workflow. Fast shouldn't be the goal: quality, long-lasting content is.


    (1.) Requires signup or registration. (2.) No local client app in App Store. (3.) It should be a one-time fee rather than a monthly cost.

    Creativity ebbs and flows, and needing to pay monthly for writing software is exorbitant. Charge once, don't require registration. Writing is hard enough without all these additional steps and overhead cluttering the mind and day-to-day, week-to-week creative process. Monthly fees are obnoxious, and forces a lot of overhead (payments, regular usage, long-term accumulation, online billing, etc.) for what's already a very difficult process.

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mark treft
mark treft@mark_treft
Link works if you delete everything after the .io
Vadym Syliava
Vadym Syliava@vadym_syliava
@mark_treft Thanks. Now it works!
Your product hunt link isn't working. Also your app looks really cool but it is weird there is no info about the pricing. I was going to sign up but then didn't because of that. Just my 2 cents.
Vadym Syliava
Vadym Syliava@vadym_syliava
@parag_r Product hunt link isn't working for me too.
Dhaval Bhatt
Dhaval Bhatt@deleted-598721 · Co-founder @ Squibler.io
@parag_r @vadym_syliava thank you for making me aware of this. Someone hunted our product: 1) Without asking us 2) Before we were prepared to launch. :) We will need to redo this launch when we have set things up. I would love to get it off Product Hunt. :) how do I do that
Sharath Kuruganty
Sharath Kuruganty@5harath · Indie Maker. Designer. 2 time founder.
Great idea. Writers like @thisiskp_ @basilesamel @anthilemoon can make use of this platform. PS: Link works by deleting everything after the .io
I still don’t get how it’s supposed to help you write a book in 30 days.
Manoj Nayak
Manoj Nayak@exist2016 · Web Publishing and Content Marketer.
@stuporman haha! Marketing Gimmick. I guess they will return the 10 USD if you don't finish the book in a month :)). But Good clean interface!
Yinka Ade
Yinka Ade@batguyz · Aspiring product designer
The URL isn't working