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Watching the video and I thought I'd had my fill of ridiculous for the day. Then I checked out the price!
@robotracer Based on your comment, I figured the price was either crazy high or crazy low. Darn.
@robotracer It's expensive to produce an FDA-regulated device, as opposed to a non-regulated consumer electronic product. Our device is actually much less expensive then medication over the course of treatment, and you can rent it for $199 a month and apply paid rental fees to a purchase. On fisherwallace.com, we offer a 30-day refund policy. Thanks for your interest!
It's a medical device that delivers electrical stimulation to your brain to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia, so you don't want this to be cheaply made. Part of the expense is not only manufacturing, but the cost of research and development, and the high regulatory costs that come with an FDA regulated device. It's been approved for use in 11 of NYC's largest hospitals and has been prescribed by over 2000 doctors in the US. In a year or so the price may go down a bit as volume increases, but in the meantime you can rent a device very affordably, or you can use PayPal Credit to finance it. LMK if you have any other questions!
Possibly if it is a serious device, the packaging and graphics could reflect that it is indeed backed by doctors and used in hospitals. Just watching the video, it feels like I'm watching an ad run during Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. Hard to take it seriously or think it really works, just my thoughts. Best of luck! Congrats for being featured on Product Hunt.
@dredayli thanks for the comment. the video does mention that the device is FDA-Cleared, but you will need to dig deeper than than the video to learn more about the science and clinical practice. mishkafw.com is the product site and our "regular" version of the device is found on fisherwallace.com - all the published science, doctor testimonials, etc can be found there. The device has been prescribed by over 2000 doctors and is the best selling portable brain stimulation device in the world.