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Hey Product Hunters! “Customer experience”, for the uninitiated, is a buzzy term that’s been all the rage the last few years. Indeed, it sounds good and fits nicely into blog posts and conference keynotes, but how do organizations actually incorporate a focus on CX into their daily work? Moreover, how does taking a customer-first approach change the way we do work, especially if we don’t work on a customer support or CX team? Though we could just talk about how we approach CX on FullStory’s marketing team, ours is merely one perspective. Consequently, we’ve tapped into the marketing cognoscenti at MailChimp, Wistia, Zapier, AppCues, and FullStory (well, we weren’t going to leave ourselves out) to understand the diverse ways that marketers approach CX. We cover a lot of great topics in this bite-sized ebook: - The connection between marketing and customer experience - How customer experience affects marketing decision-making - The tools and practices used to help impact and measure CX success - And many more We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!
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Well done! I love the old-style, muted design aesthetic. I can tell you guys put a lot of thought and effort into this – thanks for sharing! Have you thought about converting it into a downloadable PDF?
@panphora as a matter of fact, we have. It'll likely be ready in the coming weeks. Check back in with us then!
@jordanjwoods Awesome, I'll look out for it!
@jordanjwoods @panphora Looks incredible 😍 Would also love a PDF, EPUB, or MOBI Easy temporary fix https://epub.press/ 😜