The Landing Page Analyzer by Unbounce

A free tool that instantly grades your landing pages


The Landing Page Analyzer is a free tool that grades the performance of your landing page and gives you personalized tactics to increase its conversion rate, all in a matter of seconds!

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  • Tejaswi R
    Tejaswi RBuilding @TypitoHQ. Ex @VWO @Pipe_monk

    The design of the page


    Nothing actionable or worth the time; shows numbers for the sake of it and a superficial tool.

    Not sure how "AI" can help analyze my landing page when it has no clue about my customer persona, the product features, the market. It just asks a keyword and does a broad "analysis" which shows my page speed, mobile friendliness (not sure how its better than Google page insights), some frivilous report

    the design scoring didnt make sense. Not sure what it meant by

    Above The Fold — needs attention

    Focusing Your Visitor's Attention — needs attention

    What attention? How? What?

    Overall, I have observed how this is a gimmick to collect leads for Unbounce. Dissapointed. :(

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  • Pros: 

    Like having a pro look over your landing page before going live


    As always with optimization, don't trust the tool blindly

    We at Conversionlab was fortunate enough to be among the first to try this tool - and it's amazing! It gives you actionable insight on how to improve your landing pages. I noticed some skeptics, and they have fair points.

    The analyzer will however help you nail some issues that are not dependent on visitor persona or similar.

    This is a game changer! 🏆

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  • Sri
    SriWorks on data science

    The percentage scores, explanations about what's good about your page, clean UI.


    "How to improves these scores" - can be better.

    What else can one do to improve the score? For instance, I got 16% in messaging, that means my key words used in social media campaigns are really bad. So, what key words do I need to put up? If this tool can tell me that and in turn if I see results, I'd pay for this app.

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  • Brian Davidson
    Brian DavidsonMatchnode Founder

    Very useful


    Message match was a bit difficult

    We saw a huge lift in landing page performance for a client using the compression suggestions and by using some of the copy suggestions. We are now going to update some of the copy in our Facebook ads as a result of the lift.

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  • Bethany Lynn Bauer
    Bethany Lynn BauerPaid Search Account Manager

    Fast, Actionable & Very Insightful


    I want more tools like this!

    This analyzer tool basically takes GA's recommendations and make it easy to pinpoint weaknesses and strengths with your current landing pages. CHECK IT OUT!

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  • Paul Cawley
    Paul CawleyTeam #LearnInbound

    Fantastic design, really easy to use, nice balance struck between quick overview (% scores) and detail (actual metrics)


    Trust and Security a little lacking

    Really impressed with first impressions on the tool. Very difficult to build a framework that can be (successfully) applied across a broad range of different types of landing pages with such consistent and still providing pertinent advice.

    I'd love to see the 'Trust and Security' section being added to and expanded on. Even simple things like checking if a privacy statement is present would help nudge many users in the right direction (with GDPR on the horizon very relevant for many users).

    I'd also love to see some accessibility checks being added to the mix of the feedback. Whether that's in terms of quick visibility (min pixel size) and contrast checks (font colour vs background for legibility) or focused on the more technical (e.g. use of ARIA annotations).

    The initial list of input requirements is a tad off putting at first glance. Though once the feedback is received it becomes quite clear why most of it was needed. Personally I'd have liked seeing a little guidance or super subtle hint on the 'why' I was being asked for some of the elements as a first time user. Though once the first run is done that would have little ongoing impact. Input guidance on the 'conversion rate' (5 vs 5% vs five percent) might help some too, though you'd imagine most would figure that out.

    For the few seconds it takes to push a page through and review the results I can imagine it saving an awful lot of heartache (and revenue)!

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  • Pros: 

    Simplicity. This tool makes clear where attention is needed for teams that may not embrace design thinking.


    Scale. If I make a batch of lps for a campaign - say 20, one for each market, I may use templates but still need specific elements.

    I'm so excited this tool is finally live! I run PPC campaigns for large Enterprises, which means I'm often limited by what an in-house dev team can or can't do - not to mention brand managers who don't want to eliminate low-performance website elements from small, ppc-only landing pages. This tool helps evaluate the page with a third-party voice and gives the reasons behind some of the scores and recommendations. It just launched and I already shared it with my biggest client. I am using this tool from now on!

    It rhymes with eyes. has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Asked specific questions about my page and the traffic used to get there to give more relevant recommendations.


    None so far.

    This helped me determine what could be fixed on my page for better performance. The recommendations were very actionable and I'll be going to fix them now!

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  • Pros: 

    Good concept


    [FIXED] Couldn't use it due to validation error

    when I chose Higher Education industry and 9.32% conversion rate, when I submitted it it said that I had to choose an industry and conversion rate.......something wrong - once I changed the industry to travel  it  went  through.  But  obviously  that's  the  wrong  industry.

    --------UPDATE  FIXED--------------

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  • David Ayala Gil
    David Ayala

    Ease of use and lots of information about the problems



    Our time is the most important asset we have. Therefore, any tool that can save us time, welcome it. The interesting thing about this tool is that it analyzes important aspects of our landings such as speed, if it is adapted to mobile, design, SEO and security and also guides us in what we are failing. In addition, what I liked the most, are the advice on how to solve these problems and all the information that provides you in this regard. My congratulations for the tool.

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  • Lexi St. Laurent
    Lexi St. LaurentMarketing Director, BizIQ

    Clear explanations, actionable insights, easy to use


    Didn't recognize social proof on page, dependent on conversion rate

    Seems like a nifty tool. Obviously it's not a totally custom analysis of your landing page (nor should it be, for free) but I was able to gain some actionable insights, specifically on copy and words to swap. I work with clients who have never measured a conversion rate previously, and I'd love this tool to be not so dependent on an existing conversion rate in order to provide a nice before-and-after breakdown of how the adjustments that were made impacted their campaign. All in all, for a brand new tool, I gathered some good insight and alternative ways to explain why the updates I made to pages impacted the performance of the campaign. I don't use it for the score alone, but more for the detailed breakdown.

    FWIW, entering a conversion rate of 0 still allows you to get an analysis, just without the industry comparison.

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  • Paul French
    Paul FrenchLemonRock

    Very simple to use; easily understood recommendations and it's free!


    Industry Performance is arbitrary

    Nice tool. Might be interesting if it could access my Google Analytics account and provide hard comparison data on Industry Performance.

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  • Phil Nottingham
    Phil NottinghamVIdeo Strategist

    It's clever, and potentially will save a bunch of time and internal debates


    potentially the advice is a bit generic and could lead you astray

    Love the grading system, and it's a simple way to highlight major problems, such as page speed and a lack of necessary taggin.g

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  • Nazareno Cruzada
    Nazareno CruzadaFounder, MoveShake



    It requires that one enters a name & email, so basically it's an email harvester.

    If you say it's free, then make it free without requiring signing up or subscribing to anything.

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  • A T E L I E R I

    Great analysis and detailed recommendations. Easy and fun to digest.


    Missed social proof which brought score down.

    Very good food for thought and motivation to make adjustments where something might have been overlooked.

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  • Mery Elvis
    Mery ElvisCopywriter and Online Marketer

    The topics analysis



    The tool show me my CTR and the areas that I need to improve

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  • Pros: 

    Very useful idea , I am a big fan of this.


    No negatives.

    I can't wait to learn more about this.

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  • Regan McGregor
    Regan McGregorDigital Marketing Strategist at 4mation

    In-depth Analysis, Industry Performance Comparisons, Free


    May miss things on the page

    Great tool, hopefully it remains free for everybody. Shouldn't be taken as bible, but, provides some really actionable advice.

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