The Landing Page Analyzer is a free tool that grades the performance of your landing page and gives you personalized tactics to increase its conversion rate, all in a matter of seconds!

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Not sure how "AI" can help analyze my landing page when it has no clue about my customer persona, the product features, the market. It just asks a keyword and does a broad "analysis" which shows my page speed, mobile friendliness (not sure how its better than Google page insights), some frivilous report

the design scoring didnt make sense. Not sure what it meant by

Above The Fold — needs attention

Focusing Your Visitor's Attention — needs attention

What attention? How? What?

Overall, I have observed how this is a gimmick to collect leads for Unbounce. Dissapointed. :(


The design of the page


Nothing actionable or worth the time; shows numbers for the sake of it and a superficial tool.

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Hi Tejaswi, Sorry that it didn't at first appear as useful as you'd hoped. If I may address a few of your comments. I think we'd all agree that things like target persona, product features etc. are critical to conveying a value proposition effectively. Where this tool aims to help is by providing industry specific recommendations based on an analysis of thousands of other landing pages in your vertical. The idea is that we can show you what’s worked for others and what hasn’t, so you can make an informed decision on how to adjust the content of your page to improve its conversion rate. We also designed the Analyzer to serve as a solid gut check in some critical areas that tend to affect the majority of landing page conversion rates. Regarding the AI portion of the report, if you chose the industry you are in, and your conversion rate on the form, it compares your performance to those in our analysis of 70 million interactions with 65,000 Unbounce landing pages. The section where you see “Focusing Your Visitor's Attention — needs attention” in your results snapshot, that means we have some important recommendations to offer you. All you have to do is click the arrow below your results snapshot to see your comprehensive list of recommendations. That part bases some of its analysis on the concept of Attention Ratio, whereby for the most part a highly effective landing page will have a single CTA and no external links. So it counts the number of links you have above the fold and as a whole. Your ideal Attention Ratio is 1:1, but might be 10:1 or 40:1 depending on how many links you have. With regards to page speed, what we did there to make it actionable (again if you expand that portion of the report) is to show the size of your images, and how much smaller they could be if compressed, and it also provides direct links to download those optimized images. Pretty cool really! Does all of that make sense? Happy to answer any further questions. Cheers, Oli
@Tejaswi R :Uuuh and and your 'old' company collects no leads with their analyzer? Sorry, can't take your review seriously
Hi Product Hunt 👋 I’m Oli, Co-Founder of Unbounce. Super excited to be launching Unbounce’s Landing Page Analyzer today 🚀 Over six months in the making, this free tool leveraging our AI technology grades the performance of your landing pages and tells you how to improve them, in seconds. If you know Unbounce, you know that we love high-converting landing pages, and the landing page analyzer is the fastest way to get actionable optimization feedback. The analyzer: * grades your landing pages and tells you how to improve them by giving you an in-depth, personalized report card. * breaks your landing page down by nine specific performance categories that really matter for conversion. These include page speed, mobile experience, SEO, copy sentiment, industry benchmark comparison, conversion-centered design, and trust and security. * includes very specific and detailed feedback. For instance: it gives you a preview of your social open graph tags. And gives you downloadable and compressed versions of your page’s images, to increase your landing page load speed. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Any questions/feedback!? Let’s chat in the comments below👇 Oli
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+1 to what @ oligardner said! This tool has been six months in the making and we’re delighted that it’s finally out in the wild! We want this to be a valuable tool to help anyone running marketing campaigns. So, Product Hunters, we’d love to hear your honest feedback so we can keep improving - what else do you want to know about your landing page - what kind of feedback are we missing? Is there anything that you do or don’t like? Also, I know some users have come across some bugs. I’m actively pushing fixes so thanks to everyone pointing them out. Please feel free to comment here or message me with any you find. Thanks in advance for your feedback. If you have any questions on the tool I’d be happy to answer.
Full disclaimer: I work at Unbounce. And am biased. That being said, I've been working at Unbounce for 5 years as a marketer. And have been making and optimizing landing pages for a ton of campaigns. And I have had my fair share embarrassing landing page mistakes. True story: I forgot the meta-data on a fully launched, public landing page. And then was called out on stage at Call To Action Conference on my landing pages SEO (or Lack thereof) by Michael King. #ouch #thatonehurt If I had this at the time, mistakes would have been easily avoided. It's like a second pair of eyes combing over everything that's really important on your page. In seconds. Everything down to the little details - like telling you when your images are too big and are slowing down your page. And then giving you downloadable and compressed images to speed up your page. Or previewing your social open graph tags so you can see what your images look like. And if you need to debug them they link right to the social debug tools (#handy). And yes, telling you when you forgot your meta-data and your h1 tags so you can actually rank. Super proud of the team on launching this 🙌 -Stef
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We at Conversionlab was fortunate enough to be among the first to try this tool - and it's amazing! It gives you actionable insight on how to improve your landing pages. I noticed some skeptics, and they have fair points.

The analyzer will however help you nail some issues that are not dependent on visitor persona or similar.

This is a game changer! 🏆


Like having a pro look over your landing page before going live


As always with optimization, don't trust the tool blindly

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Thanks so much for the kind words and support @Finge, it was great to have your feedback pre-launch! And I agree completely regarding your comment on optimization - this tool is designed to help, but not replace the human touch.

What else can one do to improve the score? For instance, I got 16% in messaging, that means my key words used in social media campaigns are really bad. So, what key words do I need to put up? If this tool can tell me that and in turn if I see results, I'd pay for this app.


The percentage scores, explanations about what's good about your page, clean UI.


"How to improves these scores" - can be better.

Hi Sri! Did you enter some keywords/phrases in the form when you launch the analyzer? If you do it will hunt for those on the page when scoring it.