The Intern Podcast - The preview

Allison navigates a new career in tech at betaworks

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Hey everyone! This is Allison and I'm so excited to share my podcast. For the past couple months, I’ve been interviewing people, recording conversations, and documenting my life at betaworks and in NYC. Shout out to everyone who's shown me the tech ropes. Let me know what you think and I'm happy to answer questions.
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@albtweetin does every episode feature a cameo from your grandfather?
@albtweetin made this podcast that's part personal narrative and part tech -- it gives a nice outside perspective on the tech world through her internship @betaworks. Also fun to hear her Grandfather's opinion on it all :)
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@matthartman really looking forward to this @albtweetin :) Just recently visited NYC (and @betaworks ) and could see myself living there for sure, such an awesome city. Keen to hear your adventures!
@bentossell @matthartman Who wouldn't see himself living in NYC ? :P As someone who is looking for internship mostly in tech startups , I will make sure to check out the podcast :)
@bentossell @matthartman Ben, will you move? Please? I'll be moving shortly ;)
@matthartman Matt, when..will...we...see...your....pod...cast...;) - thanks for posting this, listening now.
@geekyyang very soon! get a text or email alert when it launches at
I'm excited to hear what this will be like. Already reminds me of StartUp season 1 a little bit. =)
Wow, this is great! Really excited to check this out!
@ow Thanks Owen, looking forward to hearing what you think!
@albtweetin Looking forward to episode one!