The Growing Process

Dizzy Wright's newest album

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Yo, its the guala Dizzy Wright, smokin that good! Ask me what you wanna ask me and check out my new album "The Growing Process" !
@dizzywright Haha thats hella funny. Whats up Dizzy this is Jason. Didnt know you was up on Product Hunt. Me and Will been bumping the tracks in Bakersfield. Great growth progress from the Trap. Stay up...
@dizzywright this is a tech community, so let me ask about tech. What parts of recording an album in 2015 is too hard? Where's the holes? How will better software/hardware change recording in in five years? Notice this isn't about distribution, specifically about scheming, writing and recording music.
Congrats on the launch, @dizzywright (listening now on Spotify). The build up in the intro track is 🔥. What do you think of "new" distribution channels like Spotify, SoundCloud, and other streaming services? Are these good for the industry?
@rrhoover Thank you kindly, i love those streaming services simply another platform for the music to be heard, there good if you use them right.
@rrhoover Yeah just started listening and it's got the crazy tension building. Super nice. Get all juiced up, got that anthem feel.
@mackflavelle @rrhoover and now song two is super duper. No way this consistency can keep up. So good. Also, maybe I'll stop having my private listening party in public.
Super excited to launch another album w/ an AMA on Product Hunt - this one by Funk Volume's very own @dizzywright! Dizzy: For those who aren't as a familiar, can you talk about how this album differs from previous ones, thematically and otherwise? (P.S. For those who missed the first album AMA, here was Snoop's:
Dizzy: 1) Who are some of your favorite rappers in 2015? 2) How did you connect w/ the Funk Volume crew? How did it all go down?
@eriktorenberg 1. Everyone on my label, Big krit , Joey Bada$$ , Kendrick lamar, j cole. 2. I was doing my own thing, a lot of shows a lot of competitions pretty much anything to spread my name, well dame the owner of Funk Volume and now my manager seen me win a competition at this mall somewhere in cali and he invited me to come perform with hopsin and swizzz in Denver and from there is been going down.
@dizzywright What do you think about what Jay is doing with Tidal?
@erictwillis not familiar with the app that much so i can't really speak on it. the HD videos look cool though.