Snoop Dogg's latest album, produced by Pharrell



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Snoop Dogg — The Doggfather
Whaddup @ProductHunt ! I go by tha name of the bigg boss dogg and trying sumthing new on here today!
Owen Williams — Digital Director at VanMoof
@ProductHunt @snoopdogg Hey Snoop! What I'm wondering, is if I'm to best support you, should I purchase your album on iTunes? Or should I listen on Spotify / Beats / Rdio or something like that?

I'm mostly curious if you have a preference as an artist, or just prefer people to listen to it in a legal way.
Snoop Dogg — The Doggfather
@ProductHunt @ow Listening 2 the music and spreading the message is the support we need. Buying it off of iTunes/amazon etc or getting the actual record in stores is always the ultimate reward for the artist.
Anuraag Yachamaneni — Director - DCHacks
@snoopdogg What do you think of Jay Z's new service Tidal? Do you think they have any chance against Spotify?
Paul Curran — Artist/Techie
@ProductHunt @snoopdogg what's one place you always wanted to visit, but haven't yet?
Snoop Dogg — The Doggfather
@ProductHunt @thepaulcurran ive been around the world but I never been in a submarine under the sea. i want to do that.
daryl — Product Designer
This is the best thing I have ever seen.
Paul Curran — Artist/Techie
@ProductHunt @snoopdogg Would that Submarine be as funky as this one?
RocketClub — founder, RocketClub
@snoopdogg hey snoop, how do we know you are the real dogfather, not some marketing guy behind the computer?
Catherine Trestini — Freelance Social Media Strategist in FL.
@ProductHunt @snoopdogg @thepaulcurran KitCut is officially bookmarked. Thank you.
Snoop Dogg — The Doggfather
@ProductHunt @thepaulcurran living tha dream.
Snoop Dogg — The Doggfather
@rocketclub how do i know u really founded rocketclub. ask around n the people will tell u. now go bring that energy to twitter neffew.
Tiffany Zhong — VC @BinaryCap, formerly @ProductHunt
@snoopdogg this AMA is hilarious & insightful Snoop!
What advice would you give to your teenage self? or to teenagers in this day and age? especially those that want to thrive in the tech & music industry
Kris — Frequent Upvoter - Sometimes Submitter
@ProductHunt @thepaulcurran @snoopdogg I envision a movie here... Soul Sub.
adam mashaal — Founder of Being & Mashfeed
@rocketclub @snoopdogg Only the real Snoop would use the word "neffew." All hail the doggfather.
Tejas Manohar — Code, Entrepreneurs, Startups.
@snoopdogg @teenagecod3r Just throwing my 2¢ in here... I doubt it. Spotify has a huge market share, and Tidal doesn't bring much to the table except "lossless audio" which Spotify can pick up on.
Snoop Dogg — The Doggfather
ok i think im about to be out like a paper route. maybe ill be bacc later or maybe ill be off on a safari.
many thanks to tha homies at product hunt and to all of you beautiful and smart people for stopping thru.
always remember if you see me smoking don't be afraid to ask to partake.

Peace Love and Soul.
The Rap Game Elon Musk!!!

Go Get BUSH and play it for your whole Family.

Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@snoopdogg Cheers Snoop!

Keen to see the development of the tech-enabled marijuana space. Think there is ample room for big developments there, will be interested to see
Michelle McCormack — Fashion Photographer
@snoopdogg yes ELON MUSK! Thanks for mentioning him.
He's changing our world.
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