The Global Silicon Valley Handbook

Official guide to the hottest global startup scenes

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Many thanks to @leepnet for hunting us! Hey everyone, Our company’s newest book, the Global Silicon Valley Handbook: The Official Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Hottest Startup Scenes in the World officially launches today! The Handbook is a fun, yet factual guide that reveals what, and who, you need to know in the top innovation centers around the world. We created this book for the entrepreneurs -- the ones who know there is nothing more powerful than a big idea and have the guts to make it happen -- as a resource to connect them with like-minded people in the global Silicon Valley. In the book we profile: 1. The Top 50 Global Innovation Hotspots — take a journey exploring every major startup scene in the world—from Seattle to Sydney, Stockholm to Seoul. 2. Market Profiles + Local Lowdown — need-to-knows including the top VCs and angel investors, can’t-miss events, what the locals wear and drive, and even where to close a deal over dinner or beers. 3. Insider Tips + Fun Facts — phrases to avoid in a pitch, networking etiquette, and required reading, specific “In the Knows” that only locals know and more! We’re so excited to share our book with the rest of the community and hope you enjoy what we’ve created as much as we do. We’d appreciate it if you shared this with your friends or co-workers and let us know what you think! Thanks everyone!
@suzeehan @leepnet cool. what makes it official though?
@hadifarnoud the fact that we made it first 😄. But really, we spoke to over 200 entrepreneurs and investors around the world to get the information we wanted for the cities we profile in the book. Our goal was to make this book as useful and accurate as possible for the entrepreneurs around the world who are building their companies by soliciting local feedback from those who know their city best.
Also helpful for your Silicon Valley travels: the Silicon Valley Dictionary 😁
hottest book in the valley right now
Interesting but it seems extremely US and Asia centric which is highly not representative of the Global Entrepreneurial market... I'd love to see an index page and excerpts of the book in terms of what it actually covers...
Was this based on a global study? Your own quantitative and qualitative research, or mostly third-party? Looks like a worthwhile read!