The Founder's Guide To Sales Negotiation is the latest book written by Steli Efti from In this book, he shares highly actionable advice for startup founders and sales reps to help them close better deals. Whether you're a smooth-talking sales rep or a product-focused founder, you'll find the techniques and methods in this book applicable.

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I’m very impressed with the product marketing execution 🎯 of @steli for closeio. You guys are pumping out high-quality ebooks like it’s going out of style. Dope🚬🚬
Are these tactics that can be used to sell in any vertical or is it specific to a type of product / service @steli?
@steli @abadesi all of these negotiation tactics are widely applicable to selling in different verticals/environments. :)
Vulnerability is huge, and shouldn't be understated. Well done capturing that @steli and team. Further, as other really smart people like Naval Ravikant have noted in the past; smart partners negotiate fair deals because they know that lopsided deals are fragile and that most value accumulates in long-term trust relationships.
As always @steli kicking ass with his content. Go Go Go 🤟
@sofiaqt Thanks Sofia! <3