The Follow-Up Formula

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You guys are pumping the web with Dope 🚬🚬 content. I had no idea sales had so many valuable angles. What is the next ebook?
@dredurr thanks! :)) makes us happy to hear! honestly not sure what the next one will be but there is a long pipeline and I can't see it getting dry anytime soon :P Stay tuned & let us know if there is anything in specific you'd like us to write about!
@steli : Awesome and insightful book man! Being an agency owner I was kind of learning to optimize my follow ups by trial and error but this will definitely help me avoid few and improve the process by great extent. Thanks for the book. :)
@steli Since I have you on the line right now. What I would like to see a piece of content on negotiating a salary offer. In the StartupChat and you speak about it for sales, but not salaries. That would be Dope🚬, it's not much info out there besides the info from Ramit
@dredurr Ha! Interesting. Will definitely do something with this (maybe a blog post first)! Thanks for the suggestion :)
This isn't available yet. Why is it on PH then?
@pawelkadysz For some reason, the wrong link is being used. Try this: (Sorry about that)
Great job Steli, Ramin, and Crystal! I've read a lot on follow-up when I'm doing influencer outreach. Lots of best practices you nailed in this book, some good stories, and a few new tricks to add to my tool belt. Thanks guys!
@jdquey awesome to hear Jason!!! :)