The Flip Wallet

A wallet that's about more than just storage.

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more than just storage? i don't get it. it looks like a wallet that is, only, for money storage.
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@sergiosa_la Not necessarily _money_ storage (e.g. Driver's License, Social Security, etc.), but storage none-the-less.
@sergiosa_la Ah, I see what you mean. I can see how that could be unclear. By storage, we mean that most wallets are only capable of the act of storage - you put stuff in easy, but it becomes really hard to get stuff out. Modern wallets, and older wallets as well, make the mistake of only holding what you put into it - they squeeze your cards into a tight brick, and make it difficult to get to any without taking them all out. Flip's full slogan used to be that it wasn't just storage, but delivery too. What that meant was that rather than just being something you put your stuff into, it's something that makes it easy to get stuff out of - as I say in the video, what goes into a wallet must eventually come out. We shortened the slogan to make it snappier, because we thought it captured the concept well enough on its own - perhaps we were thinking about it in the context of already understanding it.
@chris_lin1 that's what I mean, Chris, it was just food for thought, because sometimes product makers (like you and I) don't put the necessary attention on how people react to the slogan. either way, wish you the best on this project!
@sergiosa_la Thanks! And I appreciate the comment - I'll think about it some more.
@sergiosa_la @joshuapinter Just coming back to let you know Flip's Kickstarter is live as of this morning! Yeah!!! And we adjusted our slogan a bit, in some places - we're now referring to Flip as the first Modern Bi-Fold. (
Can you give me some idea on the durability of the wallet over time? I wouldn't want it to warp like regular wallets.
@allthingsmarco It'll last a really long time - it's made from a camping fabric, used in tents and tarps, laser cut to seal the edges, so fraying isn't a concern. Designs are screenprinted, and last very well. As for warping, the wallet itself is made of materials that, while stiff enough to be comfortable to use and protective, aren't going to be holding much of a warp anyways. I want to be really honest about how this wallet settles in, though - here's a picture of an older version of the wallet ( You can see a bit of a bend forming on the left side. That's the most warping possible - essentially just the loose edge bending down along the top edge of your cards. (If you see fraying in the video, it's because I made the wallets in it personally, since I sent all my laser cut parts to my manufacturer).
@allthingsmarco Coming back to let you know that Flip's Kickstarter is LIVE! Super excited! (
I would like to know what would be the final thickness of wallet after filling all slots with card.
@blrbalam Oh, sorry I didn't get back to your earlier. Flip is 0.3 inches at its thickest point empty, and a bit less than 3/4 inches with 7 bills, 9 plastic cards, and 5 business cards! Also, our Kickstarter just launched - check it out here! (
Love the part of the video when in comes in on a parachute and then leaves get thrown at it πŸ˜‚
@bentossell Thanks! They were a blast to film.
@chris_lin1 was anyone worried you were going to LEAF it out Its Friday.
@bentossell LOL! It certainly is Friday, and what a great Friday it is. Nice pun. :)
@bentossell Just back to let you know our Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE! I'm really FLIPPING out about it (
Cool, love the slim design and also the different styles. I wonder about the texture of the composites you mention in the site. What's the estimated price? I'd probably buy one right away if it was available already :)
@alexabian Estimated price will be below, or at $30. Kickstarter launches early, early November! Although this early hype is certainly starting to convince me to start earlier!
@alexabian Honestly didn't think I'd be getting this big of a response before the Thunderclap finished up - this is an incredible surprise! Here's a link to our Thunderclap, if you want to show us some support now. (
@alexabian Thanks to interest like yours, we all slammed on the gas pedal and launched super, super early on Kickstarter! You can back us now - although we couldn't move up the manufacturing, and so we still won't be able to ship out wallets until Februrary, unfortunately. We have rewards kicking in in November though - take a look! (