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1 Review5.0/5
Already over their goal on Kickstarter. Love the idea of physically writing and having my notes organized and sent online to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.
Yes. Bought 3!
I have their current offering, the Rocketbook Wave and have been very happy. Disclaimer: This is a Techstars company and I work at Techstars.
Can you batch erase somehow?

I've been using the Everlast since Christmas (so about 6-months). I use it for everything: UI sketches, work notes, personal journalling, doodling. I wish I had had it in school -- could have carried a lot less weight around.

It takes just a second to erase a whole page with a wet cloth. And the pens and markers that you use with it also have erasers at the ends, which I find handy.

The app takes the picture of the page and auto sends it to where you want it For example, maybe the star icon you use for a certain folder in Google Drive. There are 7 of these icons at the bottom of each page and a million combinations of what you could have them designate.

When scanning, you get the chance to scan another page to the same file or change the file name before uploading. The "scan" doesn't show that star icon, or the guide dots on the page, or the page number -- the scan looks like all the writing was on a pristine sheet of white paper.

I like storing information digitally (so in the cloud) where it's easier to organize and find later and doesn't take up physical space in my apartment. But there is something irreplaceable about putting ideas on pen and paper. This gives me both. It's perfect.


Real physical paper and pens/markers. Really easy to use app. 7 "subjects" that you can have different setting for where they upload.


Once you take the picture and erase the page, there's no editing it again later.