The Ever Better Challenge

A free 30-day program from Evernote to reach your best 2019

The Ever Better Challenge is a free 30-day program from Evernote to help you reach your 2019 goals. Join us now to change the habits that have been holding you back. You’ll find templates to track your progress, friendly advice to guide you, and a community to support you on the journey.

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Vard Mardoyan
Vard Mardoyan@vard_mardoyan · Manager
Simon Bromberg
Simon Bromberg@shimmb ·
Nice video
Gerard Andrews
Gerard Andrews@gerard_868
Does it matter which day it is? Or when ever you start 30 days from then is the goal?
Gerard Andrews
Gerard Andrews@gerard_868
How can this be integrated into the app? Going to the website is an extra step and most people don't have that will power to make that extra step
Leodelto Samuel
Leodelto Samuel@leodelto · CEO of From Zero To Something
@gerard_868 Go to this page ( and download the first 4 templates (Build a Plan, Habit Tracker, Support Network and Reflect and Correct). I suggest to create a specific notebook just for this challenge where you can put the 4 notes above and use a number, * or # in the beginning of the notebook name so that its the first thing on top.