The eCommerce Stack by Yaguara

An ongoing review and ranking of the top eCommerce tools.

A comprehensive review and ranking of the top eCommerce tools that make teams more data-driven, aligned, and efficient.
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Hello again Product Hunt. We are too excited to share our newest creation: The eCommerce Stack. At Yaguara we work with eCommerce teams every day to help their organization to become more aligned on their company-wide goals and to take more data-driven approaches in their work. Over the years we have been constantly asked what we think about an upcoming tool category, or if should they add more to their toolkit, or if it is time to switch from A platform to B platform. So we decided to create this resource to highlight the differences in features and performance for everyone out there. These tools are rated on the following: - If they make teams more data-driven - If they operate better with scale - If they provide unique insights - If they play well with others (integration status) Thus the aggregate score gives you the best idea on how a tool can make your team more data-driven, aligned, and efficient. But the best part is we are not going to leave this as a static outdated post like many resources out there on the web. Each month our team will research and update the ratings, in addition to adding several more tools and categories. Please give it a look and let us know what you think. And If you think a tool is missing, feel free to suggest it. Thanks everyone!
Such a valuable resource! Any plans to crowdsource user reviews or ratings for tools?
Hey @lachlankirkwood this is just our first version! We aggregated these reviews from our customers, review sites, and some industry experts. Our goal here is to get feedback and build out the next iteration to be a bit more interactive. We'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback you have on how we could evolve and improve for the next version. Feel free to shoot thoughts to
Great resource. One big missing platform: @webflowapp
Hey @johnbhiggins, we love Webflow! We use it for our site. I know they recently launched their eCommerce feature so we will definitely review that as we continue to add tools.
Surprised by the short list of vendors here. I know @web has an extensive one
Hey @coreyo it is definitely not finished, we will be adding tools consistently throughout the year. We decided on starting with around 50 was fair for the launch. Any favorites you'd like to recommend?
@coreyo Thanks for the shout, Corey.