The Developer Manifesto

A tribute to the art and profession of software development.

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We had this idea for a long time and finally found the time to launch it. The manifesto pays homage to the art and profession of software development. You can download it as a free wallpaper for your coding machine as well as order a high-quality poster. If you like the print version, we’re happy to offer the Product Hunt community a special discount. Simply use code “PHDEV” at checkout for a 10% discount.
I love this. Real words of wisdom. Already ordered two prints. Looking forward to delivery…
@ekurutepe thank you :) That's great to hear!
Definitely will print it.
@verkalets great to hear you like it Ivan!
Beautiful work done
This is one of the most brilliant lead magnets I've ever seen. Gladly gave up my email address to get the downloadable version. Illustrates Sinek's "Start With Why" and communicates the brand in a resonant way.
@drjenniewong thank you so much Jennie! :)
@pointnova You're welcome, my CTO loved it!