The Culture Book

A practical guide to building incredible corporate cultures.

A collection of the best stories we’ve encountered of hands-on fieldwork in corporate culture. Featuring insights from leaders like Patty McCord (former Netflix executive), Jerry Greenfield (co-founder of Ben & Jerry's) and many others, as well as perspectives from culture-forward companies like Southwest Airlines, Goodwill, Buffer, IDEO and more.

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I clicked BUY for the book, because I really wanted to read it, and then... the usual, it's only available in the US. Why won't you let me give you my money?
@pjrvs Hey.. we can ship worldwide. Where are you located?
@kim_gorsuch_bradbury canada. i tried to pick any country but the states and it wouldn't let me.
@pjrvs Can you kindly email me at and I will help you. It's an awesome book and we ship worldwide.
@kim_gorsuch_bradbury can i get this in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)?
@conan_moriarty Yes... let me check shipping for you. can you email me at
This looks great! Can we get a Canada (and other countries, as you mentioned worldwide shipping) added to this Shopify payment modal? Let us know when it's there! :)
@nadeeshi_wickrama Please send me an email at with address. We'll respond with shipping estimate. Thank you!
@nadeeshi_wickrama Hi Everyone - we are working to add international shipping. In the meantime, the cost is $26 to Canada and $36 everywhere else. Note that this is at cost and is for 1 or 2 copies, same shipping.
@nadeeshi_wickrama Hi Nadeeshi - we implemented international shipping with a new partner with more affordable shipping prices. Check it out?
I know the community had a lot to do with the Product Hunt culture, and once our culture started to solidify, it was really fun to see everyone embrace it 😻