Unlock culture with ongoing recognition and feedback.
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What is Hi5?
Hi5 helps managers get rich insights about team culture on a dashboard. Team members use a fun app to give feedback and recognition to peers.

Hi5 tech stack

We're aware of 13 technologies that Hi5 is built with. Hi5 utilizes products like Google, Hotjar in their tech stack

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WhatsApp + Hi5
The power of Hi5 meets the ease of WhatsApp.
Now you can give recognition to your co-workers on the breezy using WhatsApp.
📲 Add +12077071445 as a contact
👋 Say "Hi"
🙌 Give a Hi5
☎️ Auto account detection
🚀 Hi5's on Wall of Fame
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Scenty helps you sniff out the sentiment of your conversations:
👃 Set keywords for sentiment tracking
👃 Analyze text
👃 Interpretation of your sentiment data
👃 Catch the scent of your company culture, employee strengths & more
👃 Build with the Scenty API
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