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Great guide!
Thanks for the book :) , I think you are using the same methodology like @SmartBribe to force certain actions for your lead magnet
@engmsaleh @smartbribe Yes, I do. I'm using Gleam.io to create a viral loop.
I consider sharing this load of useful information for free - (and I can't decide yet) highly altruistic or highly insane or probably (and more likely) insanely altruistic! Hope karma strikes You back in high style! ;) Big kudos to You for this, @kaloyanyankulov !
@petasittek Haha Love it! this is by far the best comment comment I've received.
Hello Hunters, It's Kalo - the author of "The Champion's Guide to Outreach Marketing". This eBook comes with 4 bonuses to supercharge your outreach: - Outreach list template - that's a swap spreadsheet to put your outreach opportunities in one place and have your efforts more organized. - Top 100 medias outreach list- if you need the email of New York Times senior editor or the email of the founder of Mashable - they're in the list. This is a prospect list with real contact info and social profiles of people in charge of the 100 biggest media outlets online like HufPost, ABCnews, Forbes, AdWeek, etc., etc. - Hypothesis spreadsheet - use this as a framework for your outreach efforts and declare your outcomes. - 50+ tools to use for outreach - A list of the best tools to do outreach marketing out there. I've put quite some time in this project: I wrote 150 pages in 2 weeks working 20 hours a day. I’ve connected with some of the top influencers on outreach marketing out there, and I’ve put a list of top 100 media websites + contacts so you can start your outreach today. So hopefully, fellow marketers out there will find it useful! Feel free to comment or send me a message at kalo@headreach.com if you need help with Outreach marketing. Hustle on!
Wow, 150+ pages for free?! Awesome!