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Would be pretty cool to have a 'submit lesson suggestion' somewhere here so people can ask there own questions - if you get a lot, write up a lesson :) Also, would be cool to have examples in the posts - e.g. what other companies do X well? Maybe include some external validations too where you can say - X others in the biz world also think Y
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I've been business-ing for the better part of a decade and if I've learned anything in that time it's that I know very little. There are so many facets of business that I just know very little about and I've benefited immensely from the content others have put out to help me learn how to not be terrible at building businesses (though I guess the jury is still out on that 😜). Over the past 3 years of building Baremetrics, we've had thousands of conversations with founders at just about every stage and one commonality among them all is their desire to learn. So, to help with that in a more tangible capacity, we've created the Business Academy. It's a place for businesses at all stages to learn how to, We've already got a bunch of content, but as you can see from the Upcoming Articles area, there's a lot more already in the works. If there's an area of business that we haven't covered, let us know and we'll work on getting it added right away!
@shpigford Been following your writings for a while now, love how you tackle the boring but important stuff. Keep it up!
@thejoefischer Thanks so much, Joe! πŸ™Œ
@shpigford You guys are awesome! I (and I assume many others) really appreciate the transparency and willingness to share your learnings along the way. Keep it up, you rock!
@jorge_selva Thanks so much Jorge!
This is really valuable @shpigford! Thanks for doing this! Also the site looks amazing πŸ˜‰
@markoxvee Thanks Marko! πŸŽ“πŸ’₯
Nice work! Looks good. How often will you team be publishing content?
@jjjams We've got a huge backlog of stuff, so hopefully weekly.
@shpigford This. Is. Awesome.
@mattpickle_ Thanks so much, Matt!