The Best Life Planner 2018 is a 150-page workbook and guide created to give you the clarity, tools, and tactical plan you need to make your goals actually happen this year.

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Hi Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ January is such an interesting month. Many of us are excited to set new resolutions and goals, but don't always know where to go from there. Start a company. Pursue a dream job. Write a book. Run a marathon. Move to a new city. Travel the world. Do you have a big goal like one of these in mind, but you're not exactly sure where to start? This 150-page workbook and guide was created to give you the clarity, tools, and tactical plan you need to make your goals actually happen. If you've ever struggled with following through on the goals you set for yourself (I know I have!), this planner was built for you. With The Best Life Planner 2018, you'll: 1. Create a Life Map to get clarity around your purpose and vision for this year 2. Reflect on the past year with an in-depth 2017 Annual Review 3. Envision and map out your "Level 10" life 4. Change a dozen key habits this year 5. Create seasonal and monthly roadmaps that will turn your goals into actionable plans 6. Simplify and optimize your daily schedule 7. Learn how to build a morning routine that will change your entire day I hope it helps you create something amazing this year!
@melissajoykong looks awesome! Is there any real examples or that is included in the guide? I think what I am looking for is to see how real people utilize the guide to see if this is for me (or not). Thanks!
Hi, @ajmalafif - I included example pages and lots of detailed description/instructions throughout the book to help guide users through it. Maybe I'll ask those using the planner to share some of their completed pages for inspiration. Thanks for the idea!
@melissajoykong thanks for the reply! Sounds good!
Interesting, is a sample available before people purchase?
@jbpdempsey I don't have a full sample available pre-purchase, but send me an email- I'm happy to give you a peek at some more screenshots.
Looks great! How big is this in terms of size? Is there any version which we can hang on a wall? & any discount for Product Hunters?πŸ˜€
Hi, @farbodsaraf! It's sized for letter paper- don't have a wall-sized version, but that's an interesting idea. What part of it are you looking to hang? A few notes about pricing: 1. The suggested price is $25, but pricing is set to pay what you can, starting at $15. Did it this way to make it more accessible for anyone who can't afford the full price. A different take on a discount code, but I hope it works well for folks! 2. I'm donating 20% of the proceeds from this book to charities and other forms of giving throughout 2018. Random acts of kindness, for the win! I will post about where this 20% goes so you know how your purchase impacted others in an amazing ripple effect in 2018.
@melissajoykong Just ordered! Thanks. After going through it, will let you know which pages I would like to hang on a wall to see them quite often.
Pretty good! Do you have it made in other colours?