The Awful Box

The novelty gift box for the person who has everything

The perfect statement purchase for that luxury-obsessed consumerist in your life. So, what’s in the box? Assembled by our team of expert artisans, the box consists of seven, unique novelty items that we can 100% guarantee you’ll only find in the Awful Box.

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7 Reviews3.6/5
I am partly to blame for this awful creation. We started by making magnets for shitty parking jobs, which was slightly less idiotic of an idea, but then.. I guess then we decided to reaally push the limits with this one. "Spare no expense", they said! In all honesty, your money is better off going to almost anything else. Charity comes to mind. But if you're financially irresponsible or have THAT friend who just needs to have fancy, useless crap - well, then, I guess this is for you? Basically, it's 50% social experiment, 50% gag gift, 100% awful. Curious to hear everyones thoughts... Go ahead, let us have it. God knows we deserve it.
What's the most ridiculous item you're adding (or considered adding) in the box, @pvan1201?
@rrhoover excellent question. Personally, I'm pretty excited for the Awful Wallet. With so many thousands of "slim, minimalist, last-wallet-you'll-ever-need" sprouting up, it will be a pleasure to hand-stitch some oversized, inconvenient leather behemoths. Hoping to get it so it holds up to $40 in loose change!
This is the end all be all of subscription boxes. When the world is tired of hot sauce, dog toys, dinners, cheese sandwiches, and Scandinavian-designed housewares coming to their doorstep every month, they will turn to the Awful Box. I love it. What an awful idea.
This is madness.