The Art of Memes Vol. I

If a coffee table art book and memes had a baby

#5 Product of the DayMarch 02, 2019
A masterpiece collection of beautiful historical art tainted by funny memes.
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Ha! Will add this to my coffee table book collection. @kylesamera how do you manage licensing/copyrights for the images included in the book? Memes can be tricky when the original creator or source is unknown.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Thanks for asking. All the images are sourced from paintings/art from the 1800's or earlier so copyright laws aren't applicable in this case.
a great gift!
Hey everyone!👋 I made this after being inspired by The Holy Meme Bible coloring book collection. The Art of Memes Vol. I is a classy take on the concept, but without the coloring. Basically, the book brings memes to coffee tables through beautiful artwork. Come stop by! All hunters get 15% OFF today when they use the code "MEME15" at checkout! 🎁 You can shop here!