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Love the idea of this: it's an app that encourages the lending and borrowing of everyday objects. Need a drill? Don't buy it, just request it, and borrow it from someone else!
@mijustin thanks for hunting us! :)
Hey, Product Hunters! We are happy to be hunted and to get the chance to discuss our solution for stuffsharing in this awesome community! Let me tell you what thangs is about: thangs is an iOS and Android app which simplifies and encourages the lending and borrowing of everyday objects between friends e.g. objects like a drill or sports equipment like a surfboard, but there are no limits. With friends we mean your address book contacts, the people you exchanged your mobile phone number with. With thangs it is easy to ask them for a product you would like to borrow. The simple interface allows you to answer incoming requests with only one tap. No more action required to help your friends in the first place, just one simple tap on a yes or no button. Afterwards communication about time and place for the exchange can happen. And because giving things back on time is always a huge issue, we’ve integrated the lend list. This list helps you to keep track of all the things you've shared. Because there's nothing more painful than to run after your shared stuff. But enough from ourselves now. We would love to hear what you think about thangs and can't wait to answer all of your questions – let’s discuss! 🙂
@sammyschuckert what's the most unusual thang you've seen shared?
@rrhoover hehe, good question. We discussed this with the team and we came to the conclusion that it was a rattrap with the requirement to kill them. We are sorry if we helped to kill the 🐀. 😅🙈
Why not just use Facebook
@djsenior13 this is a question we get a lot – thanks for asking. :) It is a long time ago you can tell who sees your post on Facebook and who not, because of their algorithm. Even if your post makes his way into your friends feed, there is a good chance that they might miss it between funny videos and photos. And when they see it they often just like the post or comment stuff which will not help you to find the product you are looking for. Not every time, but this is something we experienced a lot. Also writing your friends direct via messenger takes a lot of effort from you and your friends. With thangs we tried to keep things simple. A single App with a optimized way to communicate about borrowing and lending. 1. Name the product 2. Select your friends 3. Select the date on which you need it 4. Hit send And then your friends can answer with a simple yes or no button. Even if they don’t have the app they get a SMS with a short text and weblink to answer in the same way. No like, no comment, no maybe. Also we support you further. We implemented a lend list which helps you to keep track of the stuff you shared.
Reminds me of, those guys are quite successful in the Netherlands
@thomas_schijf yeah you're right! What makes us different from Peerby is that Peerby is a neighborhood network, you deal with strangers. We are more a communication app. With thangs you only deal with the people you already know – your address book contacts. So trust shouldn't be a issue here.