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Why not using Branch.io for free instead of paying for TextPuff. Seriously asking.
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@grmmph [Please correct me if I am wrong] Branch.io works best for Mobile Website (or app) to Mobile App transition. In that case, they are the BEST especially in deep linking. TextPuff works for Desktop Website to Mobile App transition. From Desktop to Mobile transition - you can't do it without including SMS (or, browser notification) in the process.
@sharmag88 Branch.io offers the exact same service (texting widget) for free: https://dev.branch.io/features/t...
@grmmph Thank you for the link. This is useful & I gave it a try. I think we are doing one thing and doing it really well in terms of ease of usage & tracking (& features pipeline). Would love to hear your feedback on Textpuff (trial is free) if you have already used Branch.
@sharmag88 @grmmph Hi Gaurav - actually we have a pretty cool desktop to app transition, you can fully customize it, it's completely free and there is no Branch branding anywhere.
@sharmag88 Your product looks great. But I'd still won't use it because it's way to expensive compare to what exists in the market. I'd suggest you change your pricing/business model to fit with the competition.
Thank you so much @kwdinc for hunting Textpuff. I am the founder & CEO of JustCall and we built Textpuff to convert our website visitors into app downloads. Within weeks of using it internally, we started getting great results (our usage & app downloads went up quite significantly) hence we decided to launch it as a product for everyone. Problem that we are trying to solve: Some users find your app on the App Store (or Google Play Store), and some find about it on the web. No matter how many visitors you manage to bring to your app website or landing page, if they don’t end up downloading your app then it’s useless. You can have an awesome app, the most compelling copywriting, the best design and screenshots…It’s not worth much if visitors don’t know (i.e. if you don’t tell them) how to download it. So, we came up with a simple solution: TextPuff. Textpuff makes it easier for your website visitors on desktop to download your mobile apps. Your website visitors can text themselves a smart download link from your website. Upon clicking that link, we take them to your app store listing as per the mobile device they are using. We provide some useful analytics like impressions, click rate, geographical data, daily & weekly activity. Going forward, we are going to add more features to TextPuff. Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback at hi@textpuff.com.
@sharmag88 it's always hard to send yourself stuff on the web. Good idea. Looking fwd to trying.
@codecamcode Thank you so much for the kind words. Bites.chat looks killer 🤘🏼
@sharmag88 thx a lot 😃. Just posted new project -- upvote? https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@sharmag88 that's awesome. Thx buddy!
Yo Yo Yo ! Convert your website visitors into your mobile app downloads. Organically. If your business runs on mobile apps - well, you need TextPuff and we need businesses like you to take our product forward :) We are offering 20 free text sms credits and access to all prime features during your trial. Feel free to get back to us hi@textpuff.com for any queries.
Hey gents, nice idea. I'm sure it's useful and converts higher for those that DO choose to use it, but what is the adoption like versus the tap of a traditional button? Can't see masses of users unwilling to offer their numbers up vs a traditional download button. How are those numbers stored too? Presuming us as website owners cannot access these for future campaigns?
@david_west Great questions, David. I will answer your queries through a real example. We added TextPuff on one of our recent products JustCall (a cloud phone system). We were getting 8-10 downloads per day with a traffic of 150 odd new visitors daily & on an average 30 clicks on app badges. We added TextPuff on JustCall 3 days back & are now averaging 23 downloads per day with same traffic. To further break the data, we are seeing 20-25 text messages going out and 18-20 clicks on links in the text message and 12-16 clicks on app badges that we show just below the number field. So, here is what we have found: - A good number of users don't mind giving their number for app link as they understand that app developer wants to make it easier for you to download the app. - If a person is not confident or doesn't trust you, he/she immediately starts looking for an alternate method to download the app and eventually downloads the app by putting in some extra efforts (searches on app store or clicks on badge). End of the day, it serves your purpose. We will be running a lot of A/B testing on text that we show or anything else that we can do to convert more users into app downloads. For access to numbers for future access - Yes, it is not allowed at the moment.
@sharmag88 Great answer - thanks for sharing :)
@sharmag88 @david_west I agree with the high conversion concept considering SMS to be the highest converting platform (for now), I am curious to know, if there is anything on the road map to utilize the text me link based on machine learning, for example after a customer finishes a transaction on a website to give the text me option, and not offer it after the customer conducted a search and is looking for the results... There is a lot that can be done here and it will bring down the app acquisition fees drastically if done right.
@eli_weiss Absolutely! The immediate things that we are planning to add are 1) Integrations with CRM systems or team communication systems like Slack, Intercom, Freshdesk etc 2) Integrate with FB and Google Ad apis to retarget & further improve conversion rates For ML to kick in & work, we will have to reach atleast 1000 websites with atleast 100 impressions per site per day. But yes, there is a lot we can do in this space. I think we should connect, would love to hear your ideas and will keep you in loop as we will start adding more features to TextPuff. My id: gaurav@justcall.io.
haven't tried the product but the animated gif of woman texting is funny as hell! :-)