Textio is the augmented writing platform that instantly transforms your rough ideas into powerful language with a single keystroke. Building on the words you type, Textio's data-fueled predictive engine generates highly effective writing that sounds like you.

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Super interesting and smart to focus on one specific use case to start with: job applications. What other use cases are people using this for, @jensenharris / @kieransnyder?
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@rrhoover @jensenharris People want every use case! We recently created a beta explicitly for recruiting email because we saw that people were putting a lot of related content through Textio already. We have seen recruitment and other marketing content, sales content, course syllabi, pitch decks, love letters... but we are trained on and promise to be great at talent and hiring docs.
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@kieransnyder You're on to something here. Would totally use this for any kind of content, reminds me of Hemingway Editor. Do you have any plans to support additional languages, let's say German?
@zedpelin We will support other languages, but not quite yet. I started my tech career in internationalization and multilingual support is important to me, but we're not quite ready. (We support regional tailoring for different varieties of English right now.) Thanks for the kind words!
@kieransnyder Hey! It's been three years since this comment so I hope you are much closer to supporting German now. Right? :)
And even for more than gender bias... just better, more fitting applicants all around... go Textio! #proudinvestor
Just got an invite and started using this. Pretty awesome, my first posting got an 85! Second one only a 74. I obviously have room for improvement.
Textio enables talent pros, entrepreneurs and anyone trying to hire people better and faster through the "smartest" job description and messaging. It's an efficient product where you can foresee success or failure.
Fantastic idea! Job descriptions plot the future of your company. They deserve time -- and tools.