Invite upto 1000 external testers using just their email IDs

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Registered developers can now invite up to 1,000 beta testers to try out their iOS apps, using emailed invitations sent via the iTunes Connect portal. Once external testers are invited to TestFlight, they’ll receive a link to download the official app from the App Store. There’s no longer any need to install provisioning profiles on tester devices with this shift, and there’s no need to for users to manually find and send their device’s UDID to participate. The official app will also send notifications when new builds of an app they’re testing is available, which is much more convenient than getting an email, as was the case before.
Finally! Adding UDIDs and managing signing with up-to-date provisioning profiles was such a pain. Users not used to this kind of stuff were always skeptical of trying out apps because it seemed scary.
Was about time :D
Testflight app has tortured me for weeks. Extactic for the update
Traditional TestFlight was fantastic compared to the manual way, but still a bit flaky, and way too hard for a lot of non-technical testers. The recent "internal" TestFlight access has been pretty painful especially when dealing with multiple outsourced developers on different projects because you still needed to create a new iTunes account for each project. I've been longing for this new "external" TestFlight access, and so happy to see it here. I believe that the actual limit is 1000 testers per app (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) - which will allow us to have lists of a really decent number of testers on hand, ready to test. One slight speedbump is that the apps still need to go through a minimal approval process by Apple before they can be tested in this way, but it seems that this is only on initial submission for testing, and after major changes. Minor updates can go through straight away.