A platform for automated validation of startup projects/idea. T4S allows you to carry out a full research of a project market, even if it is just an idea. To run the analysis all you need to do is to provide a small description and some additional information.

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I tested 2 Ideas:

1) Is the idea for the current startup that I work at

2) A dog poop scooper

Both had nearly identical analysis with a fluctuating "Trend" line and an increasing market size over time.


Well Designed and Cool Layout


Data seems like complete BS, No sources of reference or info on how data is obtained

Hello! Thank you for using our product! Sometimes there are coincidences. At the moment, we are training our system to make more accurate predictions. Perhaps, if you rephrase the description of your idea, the data will be better.
Thanks, Kevin, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, My name is Artem and I am one of the founders of test4startup.com. I am happy to present an updated version of our product at producthunt. T4S allows you to efficiently conduct a comprehensive market research even if your product is still at the idea generation stage. All you need to do is to enter the pitch and a short description of the product. As the result of the research, you will get such information as: Information about the current situation on the market of your project (the trend, the average bill, the size of the market) Possible counterparts (companies/services) on the market (a list of those who could be your potential competitors) A list of potential investors (funds and angels that are already investing in your market) A list of sites with potential clients (forums, communities, and blogs that attract people who could become potential clients for you) Weak and strong aspects of your project (total assessment of the relevance of the project with an analysis of its strong and weak aspects) For the analysis we use aggregated information from a number of sources: themed mass media, startup platforms, statistical reports, and completed market research. And although our algorithms cannot claim a 100% accuracy, we are constantly working on their perfection. Feedback from you will give us priceless help and will allow us to make our product even better. P.S. At the same time, we are also working on predictive analytics functions, which will make it possible to predict changes on the markets.

First of all, great product! I like the idea and will certainly use it once it matures up.

I feel that the dashboard can be improved ux-wise. I find it not so intuitive to use. The dashboard is still pretty simple for ux to matter, but I think it can be improved to provide your product with a good baseline.

I also prefer to see more of the feature (showing limited result) for the free user. I'm compelled by the features that you offer. I signed up right away, but there is very little to convince me that this product can do the job. I will be more certain to pay, if some of the pro features actually show some results, and hide the rest for the pro users. I know it's just 10 dollars, I wouldn't mind. But I reckon some people out there would mind.

Overall, awesome job! Looking forward to any improvement.


Very useful for startup in early stage


Can be improved ux-wise and for pro features

Many thanks! This is a very useful review! We will take into account all your wishes and try to make the product even more convenient)
Looks very promising, but I'm curious about how do I know if the data given is really relevant, or just a bunch of random stuff? You see, what are the source of data? Who decides what makes my idea relevant to what investor? And it would be also good to have a help documentation so I can understand what all those numbers means, what I should do or change. Beyond that the space for displaying the idea name is too short (it has a ... cutting the idea name) and it should have a export feature.
@csfalcao We've tried to explain the meaning of the values in our FAQ section (top menu link in Dashboard) :)
@csfalcao Hello! Thanks for your advice! We will certainly take into account all wishes. I agree with you, we need to describe in more detail where we get the data and who is the source. At this moment. We take most of the data from here: statista.com ))
Has anyone successfully acquired funding through your website?
@haasith_sanka Hello! Our product allows you to quickly carry out the validation of the project. At the moment, we do not set a goal to help with the search for funding. Maybe later)