Templates by Typito

200+ high quality text animations & effects on video

Templates by Typito is a collection of 200+ easy to use high quality text animations and motion graphic templates that are ready to be used for your next video project online. Inspired from the most successful video brands and sorted by industry and use-cases.

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Thanks for hunting us @_jacksmith! Hiya Product Hunters! 😻 πŸ™Œ Just to do a quick recap, we built and launched our flagship product Typito in the 2nd half of last year. Thanks to the PH launch and the feedback given by PH users πŸ™‡, we've been getting great traction since then with marketers and agencies using the product and the likes of Buffer featuring us. However, an important learning we got in the past few months is that a big factor that sets apart professional videos from the rest is the use of high grade motion graphic text effects. And unfortunately this is something that's restricted to a smaller circle of expertise in Adobe After Effects and other complicated tools. We've been working on breaking this barrier for the past few months and have come up with our first collection of easy to use, customisable animating text effects sorted by the most searched use-cases and the best brands that use them - Templates. Like always, it would be great if you guys can give it a whirl and share your thoughts on this. Looking forward! ✊😊
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So excited to play with the video templates @tmatthewj. Btw what's the plan ahead? Looks like there is an opportunity to become a marketplace of motion graphic templates!
@shyjal Thanks for trying out Templates! Building a market-place for easy to use templates with some good third party video apps integrated (currently these templates only work on Typito) is certainly a great value addition for marketers and other prosumer video creators! If we can attract a good number of motion graphic artists to contribute (while getting paid of course), it can become a reality! πŸ˜ƒ

Happy customer of Typito. So excited to try the templates.


Simplest video maker ever.


Nothing so far.

Amazing stuff πŸ’―
@iamsooraj Thanks Sooraj! We've tried to make the UX smooth and fast. Would love to know your thoughts as a front-end engineering wizard! 😎
This is some amazing stuff. Great to see Typito growing fast, Matthew.
@rafyasarmatta Thanks Rafy! Look forward to helping @DoSelectHQ nail marketing with branded professional videos. 😊

Great feature from Typito. Templates make it easy for everyone to videos that look aesthetic and delightful.


The templates have been very carefully designed. Great collection for marketers and content creators.