Templates by EmailOctopus is a series of free, open-source, responsive email templates which can be used in your next project.

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Thanks for hunting us Chris. We put these templates together as we were building templating for our own ESP, EmailOctopus. Whilst building them we opted to also open source them, and allow anybody to use irrespective of provider or use-case. Those of us unfortunate enough to have built/designed an email knows how frustrating it is, with hundreds of nested tables and varying client support. These 9 templates have all been tested in Litmus, across pretty much all major clients, so they're ready to use for your next campaign. Any questions, do shout!
@td_evans Thanks! The Karakol transaction template is exactly what I need.
@simoncchapman The Karakol set of templates is my favourite. Glad they're of help!
The team at EmailOctopus have decided to open source all their email templates, making them free to use irrespective of your Email Service Provider. At first glance there's some really great, eye-catching, responsive email templates.
@td_evans these are absolutely stunning. Appreciate the support for Mailchimp too.
Templates are really pretty! It would be nice if you include Gmail for Android and iPhone 5s previews in your litmus tests. Thanks for open source!