New "psychic" email inbox (pre-launch)

We interviewed Joel recently about this. Really nice guy, you can check it out here if you're interested
The introduction as 'Unlike traditional email, Teller waits for you.' makes it interesting to watch. I read its story on TC at: waiting to see a more efficient mailbox as the team claims.
I signed up. Really have no idea what it is though. However if it can beat my current setup of Jkim's No-reply gmail script and the gmail web client, that will be awesome.
I know the guys behind this, very smart people - so I'm sure this will be solid. Definitely one to watch.
@jamesepember everything from #sthlmtech is solid :-) Also looking forward to seeing this.
I found it interesting as it's along the lines to what I'm working on currently. I was part of a Lean Startup Machine weekend here in Chicago a couple weeks ago and we came out with an idea for a solution that helps people triage and deal with email while on vacation, so that they can truly disconnect. So will be interesting to see what Teller came up with, but looks really cool.