Teleport Flock

Discover & budget group gatherings, anywhere in the world

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More background in this blog post:
Another useful tool from the Teleport guys for digital nomads — Flock finds your distributed team the best meeting place in the world to save time and money.
Hope this article will help you to gain some funs!
@sbaranskyi thanks, Slava!
So happy to see this. It's eerie how similar it is to the tool we built over at now-defunct @tripcommon - We didn't have the resources or team to pull it off at the time but I've always really wanted it to exist. Bravo @seikatsu and @keskkyla!
@gillianim - thanks a lot for all your feedback along the way, and yes, @tripcommon was probably just ahead of the time. funny how we got to such a similar place coming from a different angle (travel vs remote work)...