Instantly monetize your Telegram channel/supergroup

Telemonetize is a tool to run a subscription membership for your Telegram channel.

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Hello Product Hunt! Telemonetize is a service that allows you to charge a subscription fee for access to your Telegram supergroup/channel. You can also set up custom actions for supergroups, eg free users have read only access but once they upgrade to Paid they will have read-write access Happy to help if you have any questions :)
@alexandersideris it could look a bit better, increase size of text and use a pricing table. also demo does not show what benefits are for $10 a month etc, something to consider.
@alexandersideris is this product still live?
I'm a longtime subscriber to on Telegram ($10/mo), so for the uninitiated (or doubtful), I can easily tell you the model works and this product has a ton of potential. Might even try it out myself! Awesome job, Alex. Wish you the best of luck.
Nice work Alex! Awesome idea :)

awesome! keep shipping :)


awesome, solves an actual problem


haven't got a channel to monetize

Bravo Alex! Keep shipping.