Telegram Passport is a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. Users can upload their documents once, then instantly share their data with services that require real-world ID (finance, ICOs, etc.). Telegram doesn‘t have access to the users’ personal information thanks to end-to-end encryption.

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Natural expansion for the Telegram platform and its token ecosystem. No doubt Facebook is paying close attention to this. 😬
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@rrhoover This is HUGE. I can totally see Telegram becoming the de-facto identity verification platform for several services (of course ICOs and companies doing KYC first).
The last part is even more promising. "We will soon be adding third-party verification for Telegram Passports. This way, some services won't even need to request the data itself, instead relying on the fact that the Telegram account was approved by a verification provider and the person is real."
@binoyxj Agreed. This is really a missing link for a truly trustful internet, because global anonymity - while useful for some situations - is not the ideal model for building communities. The cost and friction involved in personal identification, especially on a global scale, has made anything but cursory verification impractical (outside of regulated financials where it is legally required.) If they can get this working they could be the next Stripe, in the sense of creating a core piece of the service framework powering large parts of the online ecosystem.
Loving Telegram, this kind of move makes sense, cheers!
Love the idea behind this. I would be curious to know why I can't opt to keep this data local to my device. If I'm the only one who has access to it, then having it stored in the cloud seems like a convenience piece more than a functionality piece. Most of the data could be re-entered on a new device pretty easily.
Sucks due to the same reason that @pavel once claimed for Whatsapp. Seems he duplicated the sucking methodology of Whatsapp.