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I find this a bit confusing; if I'm not wrong right now there are 3 official Telegram apps for macOS. The "Telegram" native app on the App Store, the "Telegram Desktop" non-native app on the App Store, and the "Telegram Desktop" non-native app outside the App Store. 🤔
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@enricenrich hmmm.. Maybe Spray and Pray?
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@enricenrich I don't understand either. Telegram 2.30 for Mac was at v2.30 -- same icon, same interface. But now version 1.0 got released?
@j_mueller No, there's the native Telegram app distributed on the Mac App Store with current version 2.30. Then there's the Telegram Desktop app distributed on the Mac App store with current version 0.10. And THEN there's this new app also called Telegram Desktop but distributed outside of the Mac App Store with current version 1.0.
@j_mueller @enricenrich The screenshots shown above are actually (and very confusingly) taken of the native macOS app which is currently version 2.3. I'm not sure how the featured screenshots can be changed. CC @bentossell Telegram Desktop is cross-platform and works on Windows, Mac & Linux alike. Check out They have better screenshots there.
Telegram Desktop finally graduates to v1.0. I didn't realize that it supports themes! Try Blue and Dark.
@chrismessina Not sure if you have any influence over this, but it looks like the screenshots are showing off Telegram for macOS and not Telegram Desktop.
Telegram MacOS App > Telegram Desktop for Mac 😎
Using nightmode v8 right now
10/10 ... I love Telegram. I just want like 100 new use cases where it can compete and I'll be an avid user. I love Telegram and really want it to succeed. ❤️
@as_austin exactly this! What are the differences between them?